In my practice, I am going to incorporate three practices: autonomy, relatedness, and competence

-Autonomy refers to the fact that people need to perceive that they have options and choices in what they do. Autonomy refers to being in control of one’s destiny. In my practice, in order to promote autonomy, I will frame goals and timelines as methods to assure a person’s success, rather not as a mandate or dictate. I will also not apply pressure to perform. People do better when doing things because the choose to, not because they have to

-Relatedness refers to the need people have to care about and be cared about by others. People have a desire and necessity to be connected without ulterior motives. In order to promote relatedness, I will validate the expression and exploration of feelings in the counseling setting. I will listen carefully to their responses and respond accordingly

-Competence refers to the intrinsic need people have to need to feel challenged and contribute to the cause and become effective. To promote competence, I will make resources available to encourage learning. I will also set goals with the client, and ask what they learned at the end of the session, and how they grew.

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